Math Placement Procedure

Welcome Back! We’re excited that you’re interested in joining one of our school’s self-paced enrichment opportunities.  We put together a list of math problems and tutorial videos from the website that will help you get ready for your upcoming math course.  Although you will not earn a letter grade/credit for participating in this enrichment opportunity, we […]

At Condor High School you have access to a great counseling team!

Mrs. Tobias holding paper with Just Smile written

First off, we have our full-time counselor Ms. Riegert. You may contact her by email at or by telephone at (805) 385-5255. Second, we have our part-time counselor Mrs. Maroke. You may contact her by email at or by telephone at (805) 834-1436. If you have questions regarding your academics or college and career options and opportunities please reach out to a counselor. Third, we have Mrs. Tobias, the […]