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A Message from the Superintendant

Dr. DeLeon Portrait

Hello, OUHSD Family!


Distance Learning Plan

I hope everyone is staying home and staying healthy!  In this week’s update I have attached a copy of our 6-week Distance Learning Plan to inform our entire OUHSD community.  Do know that this plan is fluid, and we will continue to refine it as we go, as we literally get new information from the state every single day.  We are still in the process of distributing hot spots (we have hundreds more on order), and are working with our local communications companies to try to get internet out to the most remote areas of our district, where the hotspot reception is a bit spotty.  



We have received many questions regarding grading.  Several folks have asked whether or not we will go to a Pass/Fail grading system.  As you know, high school grading is dependent on the UC/CSU systems.  We cannot implement a grading system or policy unless the university systems agree to accept those grades.  We expect to get information from the college/university systems in the upcoming week or so, which will inform our grading policy during the pandemic.  For the time being, we have asked our teachers to be flexible with grading, understanding that many students have increased personal demands during the closure.


Advanced Placement Testing

The College Board has informed us that they plan to conduct online testing, and that the tests will be abbreviated and based solely on the units that were completed before the closure.  They will give us a detailed plan on April 3rd


IB Testing

IB has cancelled testing, opting for student portfolios.  We will have more information in the days to come. Your IB Coordinator, Ms. Wrout, and your teachers will have detailed information.


Unsung Heroes

I want to take this moment to celebrate some of our unsung heroes, who have been on the front-line, coming-in to work, serving our kids since the day we closed.  There are many more unsung heroes that I will celebrate in the upcoming weeks. 

  • Our amazing Nutrition Services staff, led by director, Stephanie Gillenberg, who are serving thousands of meals to our students every day!
  • Our incredible Instructional Technology staff, led by director, Reina Bejerano, who have cleaned, prepped and distributed over 3,000 Chromebooks to date, and over 1,000 hotspots!
  • Our awesome Custodial staff, let by director, Josh Brown, who daily clean and sanitize our kitchens and offices to prevent the spread of Coronavirus!


Beginning next week, we will push-out an Ask the Superintendent form where parents, staff and community members can send in questions or concerns.  We will also be pushing out a Thrive Form for students who need services.  Upon submission of a Thrive form, we will connect our students to contacts in mental health, social services, health care, etc.  While we cannot provide every service as a school district, we can make sure our students get the help they need through our outside contacts.


And lastly, I am happy to announce that all of our Measure A projects are making excellent progress, and you will be receiving Measure A updates every other week until the end of our school closure, as not to overwhelm our families with messages. Again, I thank everyone for their patience, support and good will during these stressful times.  #TeamOUHSD


In service,


Penelope A. DeLeon, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Oxnard Union High School District

(805) 385-2527

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