Weekly Update Jan 6th

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Condor would like to thank Board President Karen M. Sher for joining Condor and Oxnard Adult school for a tour of the 2nd street site Eva Herrera Kristin Daw

YCC Clothing Drive opening

Students at clothing drive

Students sew and sort clothes for the YCC donations to the homeless.   This has been such a success the class has opened the donations for another week!

Pictures of what Condor Staff did with a break week

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Miss Greaves with an “Adulting Award” It was a chilly holiday, had to stay warm. -Elizabeth Tobias Looking up in Cabo -Viki Casta Looking down on AZ -Erik Ward Lights and Magic at Magic Mountain -Nat Prepping a Grande Meal Happy Condors visiting NOLA Cockpit Training Impressing Classmates at Reunion Wild Family at the LA […]