Weekly Update March 8th

Graduation is right around the corner! Counselors have begun planning the senior awards ceremony, and also reaching out to seniors to apply for scholarships. Fall registration is now open for CTE classes.

The counselors and the college and career tech took students to UCSB.  It was a beautiful day where the students received a tour of the campus and learned about the programs the University offers.  Students asked questions about admissions and what to expect from college classes.  If was very informative, and the students had a great time.  

Condor students make it to UCSB

UCSB Field Trip March 7th, 2019

On Thursday, March 7th, Condor High School brought 15 students and 4 adults to the beautiful campus of UCSB!

All received a one-hour presentation hosted by a former UCSB student.  Although he covered a vast number of subjects, our students still raised their hands to ask questions.

After the presentation, UCSB student, Andrew, took us all across campus showing various departments, services, libraries, and much more.  Our tour ended at a small “bowl” area where a live band was performing!

This is a beautiful, by-the-beach school and the students seemed to really enjoy it!