Condor High School Options Academy – Open Enrollment

Condor High School Options Academy is accepting students who wish to utilize an independent study approach to earn credits towards graduation from high school.  The format allows students to concurrently enroll in college courses, to work part time, to pursue personal goals or to accelerate course completions. Students and parents who wish to enroll at Condor High School Options Academy should see the counselor at the current school and complete an SST form. Students and parents will be contacted for enrollment for the Spring semester 2019 school year. We are now accepting all students. Referrals will be screened for appropriate placement at one of our 8 locations. Parents of students outside of the district, please contact us at 805-385-5885 to complete the application for Condor High School Options Academy. CONDOR HIGH SCHOOL IS ACCEPTING STUDENTS! PLEASE CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION AT 385-5885.